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Re: Apple vs. Free Software Foundation

[Much deleted from the below quotes]

> Steve Davis writes:
>   >When something as broad and necessary as "freedom" is at stake, it is
>   >important to know who your friends are.
> FSF is not punishing Apple.  It _is_ punishing programmers, individuals,
> human beings who have a job to do.  In fact, the FSF is punishing me, since
> I have spent no small amount time programming Apple computers (and no small
> amount of time porting GNU tools to them).  Has Apple's strategy of closely
> guarded secrets proved the correct one?  Let's call up Bill Gates and ask
> him.
> In summary, I find your statements to be an undisguised attempt to hang
> your unrelated personal agenda from a charged political situation.  Do I
> think that's fair?  People have been doing it for centuries.

I would love to write pages about how Apple used to supply ROM code
for free with its machines and now sends the FBI after people who
simply get portions of their code, or about how they 'went corporate'
and betrayed all of the people who were loyal throughout the Steve^2 era,
but instead I'll say:

Please don't argue about this here.  It may have some relevance to
Cypherpunks, but it is an emotionally charged issue and neither side
will ever convert the other; this will just degenerate in to a
mindless flame war, getting nowhere fast.  Don't flood the list.

If you do decide to continue this, keep using anonymous remailers;
Strat is vicious when he's pissed, just ask Dave.

<ducks and runs for cover, hoping that Strat doesn't know where he
lives <grin>>

Dan Odom
[email protected] -- Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS

PGP key by finger or request.