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Help/Advice requested

I'm working on the development of a resonably secure software registration
scheme, and thought that someone from the Cypherpunk list would be ideal
for helping out.  Sample code is even better, but general advice to do with
the methodology and coding would be most appreciated.

There is a program out there called PROTECT! EXE/COM, which does something
on the lines of EXE encryption which has been brought up here.  I've
corresponded with the author and he won't release the code (understandably,
he's worked very hard on it).  Apparently what it does is (after you
have run something like PKLITE on your executable) encapsulates the
EXE file, encrypted, with CRC checks and debugger traps.  He claims
this is quite effective and has not had anyone come through with
cracking it yet.  Just thought I would mention this ....

Unfortunately, that program is only for DOS/Windows.  It would be NICE
to have something like this working under UNIX, and I can't imagine
that it would be that difficult, although it would most certainly
be platform (assembly language) specific.  Anyone have some ideas about
how to implement such a beast?

Thanks alot...