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Re: Commercial PGP: Verifying Trustworthiness

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Marc Horowitz <[email protected]> said:
>> I dunno.  The early versions of UNIX had a back door in the login [...]
>I've let a lot of stupid comments go by, but I have to respond to this one.
>It is true that Dennis Ritchie (I believe, if not him, one of the
>other original UNIX authors) proposed such a login/compiler virus.
>But it wasn't in any early version of UNIX.

Stupid? Watch the flame bait...he merely overstated a touch. The back doors
weren't part of any of the full distributions, it's true, but they
were quite a bit more than proposals. Ken Thompson actually distributed
those back doors via a compiler update, warning of a security problem
and urging all sites to recompile. Most did, which inserted the back doors
into the programs. That's close enough to the original claim.

See the Ken Thompson & Dennis Ritchie Turing Award Lecture, which goes
into detail about this. The level of sneakiness involved was amazing.
Compilers are the ultimate security breach.