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(fwd'd) more Clipper inside?

Check this out.

Clipper inside the Apple get you bothered?

How about Clipper inside all UNICES ?  (all POSICES)

Sorry if this is a repeat for folks..

 - Carl

Date:         Mon, 30 Aug 1993 10:03:00 EDT
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Subject:      Call for Participation - POSIX Security Group
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Call for Participation

The POSIX security working group will be concentrating on several
new areas of security functionality at the October 18 meeting in
Bethesda, Maryland.  The group believes that these areas must be completed
in order for the defined interfaces in P1003.6.1 and P1003.6.2 to be
fully useful.  These new areas include:
          Identification and Authentication Services
          Portable Data Formats
          Cryptographic Services
          Administrative Services

                    Identification and Authentication Services

POSIX 1003.1 and 1003.2 provide little functionality in the areas of
identification and authentication.  The security working group believes
that services for identifying users and authenticating those identities is
essential for protecting resources within a system. One proposal, from
ICL, has been received to date on this subject.  It will be distributed
in the POSIX mailing and will be discussed at the October meeting.  In
addition, distributed issues of identification and authentication will
be discussed so that a resulting standard will accommodate distributed
identification and authentication technology. Any additional proposals
for identification and authentication services will also be entertained.

                    Portable Data Formats

POSIX 1003.6.1 has defined several interfaces to create and manipulate
security-related data items - access control lists, labels, capabilities,
and audit records. However, the data items are not described to the level
of detail necessary to use them in a portable way.  For true application
portability the format of these data items must be known.  One proposal
has been received, from Haystack Laboratories, for a common audit trail
interchange format. This proposal will be included in the POSIX mailing
and will be discussed at the October meeting. Any additional proposals
for portable data formats will also be entertained.

                    Cryptographic Services

One proposal has been received, form NIST, which outlines interfaces for
several areas of cryptographic services: user cryptographic database
management, secret key cryptography services,  and public key cryptography
services.  The secret key services include encryption and data integrity,
as well as key management. The public key services include encryption
and digital signatures, as well as key management. The proposal will
be included in the POSIX mailing and will be discussed at the October meeting.
Another proposal may be submitted by the October meeting and will also
be discussed.  Any additional proposals for crytpographic services will
also be entertained.

                    Administrative Services

The security working group met with the administrative services working
group (P1003.7) to discuss what interfaces and utilities need to be defined
to provide portable application writers with a standard method for
administering security-related data items. The original scope of P1003.6
excluded this functionality because P1003.1 and P1003.2 excluded this
functionality.  However, these utilites and functions are essential for
application writers to provide truly portable applications. Any proposals
in this areas are encouraged and will be discussed at the October meeting.

Proposals in these, or other, security-related areas are welcome and can be
mailed to the chair for enclosure in the POSIX mailing and the agenda for
the meeting.  This will allow members of the working group to review the
proposal and be prepared for discussion at the meeting.  Proposals will
also be accepted at the meeting, but only in written form.  This makes it
more likely that a proposal has been thought out and keeps discussion
focused on a tangible document.

In order to plan for the agenda for the working group meeting, please
forward your name, email address, area of interest, and expected duration that you will be at the Bethesda meeting. Addresses for the chair are listed
below.  The hope is that a large group will be available for discussion all
week, but sometimes that is not quite reality. If you can only attend a few days, or would like to present something on a
specific day, please provide that inforamtion and the agenda will be created accordingly.

Questions and written proposals can be sent to the chair in any of the
following ways:
U.S. Mail:
          Lynne Ambuel
          Attn: I94
          Department of Defense
          Fort G.G. Meade, MD 20755-6000
          Ambuel @ dockmaster.ncsc.mil
          (410) 850-7166