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Re: <8c> Name for crypto cash

# I thought of a new name today for digital cash: CRASH, taken from
# CRypto cASH.  "How much crash have you got in your account?  Can we FTP
# this GIF?"  "Not enough... Hey, can I borrow some crash?"  It has a nice
# cyberpunk sound to it.  I don't know if we need a name for the units,
# or if we could just get by without.

at georgia tech the organization that provides computer services to
the campus keeps accounting records in units commonly
known as BANANAs.  the name is not official, but it was a brainstorm
by the head guy in charge of the department some years ago, and the
name stuck:  Basic Allocation Negotiable Across Network Applications.

And when you blow your account gaming, you do have to beg for more bananas.
# One of the lessons of the CP publicity is that having a sexy name is
# a big plus.

right, bananas are hardly c-punk enough.             --strick