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Re: CERT advisory

	 >The big issue, in my mind, is how the ftpd is going to get the key
	 >to unlock the *system's* private key... Do you compile it into the
	 >code?  Should ftpd ask for it when it comes up? 

	 Since active interception is not nearly so easy as passive listening,
	 it would be appropriate to use a Diffie-Hellman key exchange in this
	 situation.  This protocol has no persistent private keys, so the issue
	 of keeping a private key around securely is not an issue.

But you still have to type a password to a command that itself could
have been compromised.  (Not that D-H wouldn't be a tremendous help,
of course.)

All of the hand-held authenticators I'm familiar with require that
the host -- or a dedicated, trusted, security server -- keep a secret
key per user.  That's not a great idea.  Bellcore's S/Key doesn't,
but I don't know of any hardware devices that implement it.  Another
possibility would be hand-held digital signature boxes that could sign
a random challenge from the host.