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Fun With Magic Money

                    Fun With Magic Money

If anyone wants to play, I have placed DOS executable binaries of
the Magic Money client and server programs compiled under Borland
C++ 3.1 using the large memory model and 8086 mode in
/pub/mpd/mgmnyexe.zip on netcom.com.  I have included a BANK.ASC
file for my server's key.  The name of the bank is "Magic Money
Test", the currency is "Tacky Tokens", and is minted in
denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100 units.

I will batch all my mail with the subject "Bank" together at the
end of the day, download it, and run it through my server.  I
will send 100 complimentary Tacky Tokens to the first 10 people
who mail my server.

I will run stuff through the server for at least the next few
days by which time everyone will probably have set up their own
server and I will no longer be required. :)

I have played with the binaries a bit on my system and nothing
horrible has happened, but as is usual with foreign object code,
there is a small but finite possiblity that it could bomb your
system badly and eat your hard drive.  I would recommend that you
back up anything important before playing with this code and of
course no warranty is made, other than the usual one about taking
up space on the disk.

     Mike Duvos         $    PGP 2.3a Public Key available    $
     [email protected]     $    via Finger.                      $