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Re: Secure Device - Plain/Cypher size diff?

> However when I 'log in' to it, a dir shows only about ten megs of 
> space. I tried creating an additional secure device volume, and this one 
> was 25 megs on the outside and a bout 8 megs on the inside.
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> Christian Douglas Odhner  
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	I think it's a bug and I've written Arthur Helwig about it.. I'll
post the jist of his response when I get it.  I had made a 50MB partition
and got only 18MB out of it.. but a 1MB partition gave me a full MB.  I
assume it's another problem with MKVOLUME.  The one released with 1.1
had a limit of 8MB.. maybe this release has some ratio limit problem.. 

	BTW:  Has anybody inspected the code for SecureDevice?  I'm going
to look at it right now but I'd easily miss weaknesses in the implementation
of IDEA. 


P.S. are Tacky Tokens still being processed?  I never got any response to
my GIF FOR SALE post a while back.  It's only 5 tt. so get two today. 
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