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waffle remailer header blocks

This was posted here:
> From [email protected]  Sun May  1 08:33:34 1994
> From: <[email protected]> (Anon Account an3)
> To: [email protected]
> Subject: WSJ article on PGP
> Date: Sun, 30 Apr 1994 10:04:20 MET
> Sender: [email protected]
> Precedence: bulk
> Status: R
> Reply to: <[email protected]> (Anon Account an3)
> Remailed by: [email protected]
> X-Remailer-Software: Remail for Waffle 1.3
> >From The Wall Street Journal
> Vol. LXXV No. 138
> Thursday April 28, 1994

Note the three lines at Reply to:.  These prevent chaining from working
from this remailer to my remailer.  To implement chaining, my remailer
expects to see "::" as the first non-blank line.  Instead, it sees the
"Reply to": as the first non-blank line.  Those three lines should be part
of the header.  If they can't be put into the header, they should not be
sent out at all.

(Several weeks ago, I got a great many messages from the rebma remailer that
looked the same way.  I haven't seen those in a while, so either Bill fixed
the problem or else people have given up on trying to chain from rebma to
my remailer.)