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Re: Cypherpunks as lobbying/propagandizing group

<In mail Curtis D Frye said:>
> 										 I agree that claiming to represent an
> anarchy is illogical and, well, an outright untruth.

As do I, for what it's worth.  My plan was never to speak as a unified
voice representing all Cypherpunks but to rather give evidence that we
are not all the college-computer-nerd-woodstock-missing-hippie-wannabe-
Cipherpunks.  Only that if someone talks to the press and they say, "just
what is Cypherpunks?" they can say "Well, I have a document that explains
who we are (demographics), what we do, and why."

But there are SOME ideas 99% of us agree on... such as we don't want
to see the government self-fullfill George Orwell's prophesy.

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