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Re: PC-Expo

[Arsen Ray Arachelian] has written:
| This is my reply to Perry about the PCExpo Cypherpunks attack.  I'd originalkly
| meant this as a private message, but there's enough good info/requests that
| I'd like >ALL< of us to read it.  I hope you won't mind Perry.
| For those of you just tuning in, this is an idea I've had: I want some cypher
| punks to join in together and simply hand out disks and flyers at PC Expo
| which contain crypto files and articles.  This will be in NYC June 28-30.
| My gut reaction is to try and make it for the 1st day since that's when it's
| busiest, and perhaps we can catch some press-attention if possible.  However,
| this will depend on who is free and when.  We don't have to register for PCExpo
| nor go in. 
| In fact, it would be a bad idea to hand out these disks on Javitz's property
| because we haven't rented a booth there (I'd rather we spend the money on
| duplicating disks.)  If all of us chip in $20 worth of disks, it will make a
| very big difference.  You can get disks very cheap from MEI microcenter at
| 800-634-3478 or whereever.  Just make sure you get 3.5" 1.44M disks...
| If you can't attend because you're not in NYC or not available and are a good
| writer, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE write some anti-clipper anti-digital telephony
| articles.  We need this because I don't want a copyright infringement on
| our hands (ie: information liberation front and newspaper articles.)  As usual
| we can take quotes out of articles say "New York Times said Clipper is a brain
| dead idea" and such, but we need stuff that we can't be thrown in jail or
| sued for.  We also need folks to contribute ideas/software to add to the disks
| and more importantly to  review the disks...
| Re: Disks & $$$
| Not really.  Disks are pretty damn cheap these days.  If you buy'em from
| MEI MicroCenter you can get 3.5"HD's for $0.41 cents a piece, or cheaper if you
| get'em in over 300.  10 disks=$4.  IF every PC-Expo-punk chips in 20 disks,
| we should have plenty to make a neat dent in the Clipper-ignorant-crowd.
| The software: PGP, SecureDevice/Drive, a file viewer (sor of like list) which
| I've written that does some minimal mouse support, a menu system I guess, and
| lots of articles.
| I'd need someone to look at articles and kill off the ones that may cause
| copyright problems for this disk.  I'm not putting my name on the disks, but
| if someone were to sniff hard, they'd catch my smell, so that's one thing I
| want to avoid.  Basically, if you have any articles, or better yet if you'd
| be able to write some or get other c'punks to write some which we can
| distribute, it would be very cool.
| If you can attend PC Expo, please send email to [email protected] for
| faster processing.
| Oh, one more thing: I'll be making the disk duplications myself.  This is so
| that our "spook" friends don't install viruses in our software.  There is
| of course the question of trusting me, but I know I trust myself. :-)  Perhaps
| the simplest thing is to include a virus scanner on the disk.  Whatever...
| We also need someone to mass produce labels for the diskettes with a logo.
| NO CYPHERPUNK CRIMINAL LOGO!  It's a cool logo, I have the T-shirt, but
| PCExpo attending yuppies will fear us more than the spooks if they see
| "Criminal" on the disk.   I suggest "Free Security Articles And Software Demo"
| as the title of the disk.  MAke it look like some corporation is giving out
| freebies.  Oh,I really hate this one, but we should all be dressed professionally
| (ie: suits, ties, yuck!)  This would hurt our credibility if we didn't....
| Anyhow, nothing is organized yet, except that a few volunteers have signed
| up.  So please, if you can contribute anything join in.
| After this is over, we'll have a cypherpunk diskette whch other cpunks in
| other citities can use to mail to the media, give out to other expos, etc.

Getting into PC Expo is easy, I just received 30 passes from a vendor
who's going to be there.  Just ask and exhibtor and they'll send you 
passes.  I think handing out floppy disks is NOT a very cost efficient 
scheme.  It makes more sense to spend the money on xeroxing flyers 
explaining to people what encryption is, why it's important and how they 
can get the tools for themselves.  Very people are going to load up a 
program from a disk that some stranger gave them.  You'll also likely get 
thrown out of Javitts.