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Re: A distribution solution!

> It is often stated that PGP is available on numerous Internet FTP sites and
> many BBS's. The average person knows as much about FTP sites as they hear
> on the evening news about the information superhighway. They may  keep
> financial books or maybe write books on their computer but they do not have
> substantial online experiance and they may have a need for secure data
> encryption or secure way to send data to a publisher, business partner etc.
> not access these. How could people change this I wonder?

The EFF infobot for Adam Gaffin's Big Dummies Guide is <[email protected]>.  It
contains instructions on how to anonymous ftp.  An up to date list of sites to
fpt PGP from is available in the crypto section.
> People talk about handing PGP or other crypto software out but there is a
> substantial cost to the return of each disk. 1 disk=one user. In my opinion
> the easy way to do it would be this:

We made PGP 2.3a available at the Armory and even have the docs for those who
need them.
> They now know where and how to precisely find the stuff and what it does.
>         Jim Nalbandian       netcomsv!lassie!jim%[email protected]

What Jim said...
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