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well, I finally broke down.

I finally broke down and felt guilty enough about not using magic money 
that I decided to spend the time and get it. 

Funny thing, I can't even follow the simple directions hal posted about 
getting ahold of it. No wonder it isn't being used. 


Date: Mon May  2 23:07:00 1994
From: Hal <[email protected]> <hfinney/daemon>


How do you actually use Magic Money?

First you get a client program.  ftp to /pub/mpj at ftp.netcom.com to find
a DOS client.  Sources to allow you to build Unix clients can be found at
csn.org by ftp; start in the /mpj directory, read README.MPJ, then cd to
the crypto directory.  cd to pgp_tools, get mgmny10e.zip and pgptl10d.zip.


uh-huh. I went to netcom and didn't see any dos client. again, please?

In response to tim's recent posting, he asks why DC Nets, digitial
timestamping services (and other pretty protocols) aren't being used. This
is exactly what I asked a few months ago!

We need to either have or create a use for these tools, or they'll never 
be used. I described a simple, simple version of digital timestamping a 
few months ago; there was little interest. Reasons? Not much use for 
digital timestamps, for one. Also, people were hesitant about stepping on 
bellcore's toes. 

So what are we to do? I'm not going to spend the < half day it would take 
to set up a digital timestamp service if it isn't ever going to be used. 

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