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Re: Keyserver service outage

> The public keyserver running on martigny.ai.mit.edu will be
> unavailable starting Thursday, May 5, 1994 at approximately 9am EDT.
> During the coming week, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
> will begin formally distributing PGP 2.5, a new version of PGP
> that is based on the RSAREF 2.0 cryptographic toolkit, under
> license from RSA Data Security, Inc., dated March 16, 1994.  When
> that distribution becomes available, the keyserver will return
> running PGP 2.5.  At that time, the keyserver will no longer accept
> keys that are identified as having been created by versions of PGP
> lower than 2.4.  (PGP 2.4 is Viacrypt PGP.)

Whoa...  why not???  PGP 2.4 output is identical to 2.3a!
Is PGP 2.5 somehow incompatible with 2.3a?

Besides, if you take a PGP 2.3 key and change the version number to 2.4,
the software can't tell the difference... Let's not play stupid games. 
Either it's compatible with 2.3 AND 2.4 or it isn't.

Anyway, PGP 2.5 is news to me... Does it have any new features?  Limitations?