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Re: Keyserver service outRAGE???

Sigh... You know, when things are on a delicate balance, a single
message sent too soon can really screw things up.

I can tell you for certain that your questions *will* be answered in
due time, please wait for the final arrangements to be made.  No, PGP
2.5 is *NOT* available (this second).  Yes, there is one in the works,
and I expect it Real Soon Now.

Also, please do not condemn Bal or his keyserver for not accepting
keys from versions of PGP before 2.4 -- as I understand it, that was
part of the agreement in order to make 2.5 happen, but I really don't
know all the details.  

In the immortal words of a famous vulcan, the needs of the many
outweigh the wants of the few.  in other words, this is for a greater
good that this has been done.  You may not like it right now, but you
can feel free to use any keyserver you want.  However in the long run,
this will greatly increase the usage of PGP.  Just imaging, a freeware
version of PGP that is *LEGAL* in the United States!!!  Just think of
all the people who have said that they refuse to use it because of the
patent question; when that question is resolved, when 2.5 is released,
all these people will start using PGP freely and openly and greatly
increase the population of PGP users!

As for the security of PGP 2.5, well, I haven't seen the code
personally, so I cannot comment.

FYI: Phil was in the US last weekend, and unless he has left the
country within the last 5 days, he is still here.

please await more information as it get released......


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