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Re: Server clusterfuck

> Then this should have be stated in the "press release" message he sent.
> As should have the details, what were available, of the PGP 2.5 release.
> The fact that the limitations on the keyserver were imposed only makes
> me wonder more.

My point is that this was not an official "press release", and IMHO
the message should *NOT* have been sent untl an official PGP 2.5 press
release is made.  At this point in time, it is still unclear when PGP
2.5 is going to be released (although I suspect that it will be
released RSN).

As I said, I do know that the limitation son the keyserver were part
of the bargain to get a legal non-infringing freeware version of
PGP...  Take that any way you want.  Onoce I see the code and can
peruse it, I will probably trust 2.5 as much as I have trusted other
versions of the code.

> I hope the code of 2.5 is looked at real carefully.

Trust me, it will be!