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Re: Keyserver service outage

| It is my understanding that folk outside the USA can legally run PGP
| versions from 2.0 to 2.3a, but cannot legally run Viacrypt 2.4 or the
| RSAREF-based version 2.5, because they contain code that cannot be
| exported from the USA.  Thus, it appears that the keyserver will not
| accept any legally created keys from outside the USA.  I think that this
| is a bad thing.

	I think folks outside the US can legally run 2.4 or 2.5, as
there are no restrictions in their countries on using that software.
The difficulty is getting it outside of the US without getting anyone
in trouble.

	Perhaps this would be a time to try the 'exporting code on
paper' thing that was discussed as a way to get the AC source out of
the USA legally.


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