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Re: Valid MacPGP??

At  3:58 PM 05/04/94 -0400, Black Unicorn wrote:

>Mr. Hawk:
>Which version do you have?
>Mr. Frissell:
>The most recent version is MacPGP2.3.hqx.cpt
>Do NOT distribute MacPGP2.3 V1.1 as the source code is not "out there."
>I will be happy to send you a copy if you like.
>-uni- (Dark)

If it is an annoyance, ignore this message, but could you mail me a copy?
I have ver. 2.2 and no ftp, and ftpmail won't send to my site a good 3/4 of
the time (and the sysadmins here don't think this is a problem...)