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MBone - where to get the software...

Hi folks,

You need to get software to see the MBone encapsulated packets. You will also need
a tunnel to your site (and you might already have one). So where to get the software...

I am looking for it on a ftp site but have not found it.

Some of the program names are 

	sd (for session director)
	wb ( for whiteboarding)

Hey! I just heard from van Jacobson. He wrote alot of this software...

>From [email protected] Thu May  5 18:12 PDT 1994
To: [email protected] (Lile Elam)
Subject: Re: mbone software...
Date: Thu, 05 May 94 18:13:30 PDT
From: Van Jacobson <[email protected]>
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The audio (vat), whiteboard (wb) & session directory (sd) tools
are on ftp.ee.lbl.gov in conferencing/{vat,wb,sd}/*.  The most
widely used video tool (nv) is available on parcftp.xerox.com
in pub/net-research.

 - Van

Cygnus has a tunnel and so does Sun. 

I wish I could help more. I am still awaiting the PGP - Jeff broadcast. 


ps. If you do get it up, the session is "Cyberstation: audio feed"

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