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[email protected] says,

Un> Is there a mac version?

What is offered is the otp.c source and some documentation.  It should
compile easily on most computer platforms.  The output of the program
must be run through the TeX typesetting program, and LaTeX, which are
freely available.

If you wish to do a Macintosh version, I'll refund half your signed
contribution.  (Is there enough of a money supply out there, that 12
tokens is a reasonable number? i.e.: 2 each from 6 people or whatever.)

Derek Atkins <[email protected]> says,

DA> In the immortal words of a famous vulcan, the needs of the many
DA> outweigh the wants of the few.

From _Mein Kampf_: "the interests of the state outweigh the needs
                    of the individual".
PGP 2.6 key available on request