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Re: EFF Summary of May 3 1994 Clipper and Digital Telephony Hearings (fwd)

From: netcomsv.netcom.com!access.digex.net!pcw (Peter Wayner)
Date: 05 May 94
Originally To: toad.com!cypherpunks, central.cis.upenn.edu!farber

  Dr. Farber suggested that at 
>the very least Congress weld into law a guarantee that Clipper remain 
>voluntary, that the Judiciary be an escrow holder.  He cautioned, in the 
>words of Benjamin Franklin, "They that can give up essential liberty to 
>obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety"

When are you people going to wake up (NEVER as long as you are not
in the real world). The congress and house may legislate what ever
they want. Your best insurance against the clipper chip is people
having good back-door less freeware cryptography programs that
educates them on why Clipper is a bum deal. Screw all the
judiciary crap. If Mr and Mrs computer user doesn't have access to
it they never will. They DO NOT have a FUCKING CLUE as to what a
BBS and FTP or AN ESCROWED KEY account is. Much less being a
COMPUTER ILLUMINATTI like you are. The power is with the public.


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