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Re: Bunch of Clueless Idiots (fwd)

>Excuse me.  Please go to talk.raving.guns or
>[email protected] (Or don't leave your terminal on like
>that.) This is the cypherpunks mailing list, not the gun-flamers
>list, though many of us believe strongly in the second amendment
>and/or like metal equipment that makes loud noises and has superior
>penetration ability.  This ain't the place for it.

Is it me or is my gramatical skills that lacking? What I meant to
say is that by mass distribution of crypto to the computer systems
of users that are not shall we say FTP,PGP,INTERNET literate that
we make it harder for the government to abrigate the first
amendment right,as in freedom of press visa vie the enactment of a
standard that alows the government to snoop on your doings. I
relize I may have gone overboard with the caps and carlin words
but I see  (to me) that people are missing the opertunity to get
the drop on the government and they are the people that should be
at the forfront (anonymous) of any such action. Sorry for the

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