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Regarding Mr. Nalbandian's Comments

Regarding some specific criticisms by Mr. Nalbandian:

[1] If Joe ComputerUser does not know how to use his computer for more
than word processing and playing games, at this point, he probably doesn't
NEED PGP. If he knows enough to realize what little privacy he actually
has, he will go looking for security. With luck, he will run into someone
who can steer him towards PGP...

[2] The purpose of this list is not to insure that everyone has a copy and
knows how to use PGP (though most of us would consider that a worthwhile
goal). As it has been said more and more often, 'Cypherpunks write CODE!'.
This is a discussion group about the practicality and implementation of
specific forms of cryptography and cryptographic applications (digital
money, key servers, etc). [ This is not to belittle the political
content of the group, though. ] Groups like the EFF are interested in
helping new users to the Internet learn all about it, and are doing a good
job of it so far. If you are that concerned about the masses not knowing about
cryptography, try sending a note to the EFF (with the caps lock OFF!) and
ask them to include a section on privacy, cryptography and PGP in the next
version of the Big Dummy's Guide To The Internet. It's a start.

[3] Sending badly composed rants to seven hundred people and then
publically posting a response to a private message is not the way to be
taken seriously.

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