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Re: Regarding Mr. Nalbandian's Comments

Julietta says:
> > goal). As it has been said more and more often, 'Cypherpunks write CODE!'.
> 	You know, I keep hearing this- why is it that you all seem to think
> that writing code is mutually exclusive from talking the politics of
> cryptography? Is it so hard to do two things at one time??? I'm sorry, I
> just don't get it..

Its a matter of two things.

1) One can make the same political statements over and over (as we do)
   without much effect. Writing code can change the world. Therefore,
   writing code is much more worthwhile.
2) There are lots of places to talk about approximately this set of
   political views.

Its not a question of excluding politics -- its really more of a
question of giving primacy to action.