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Re: MBone cypherpunks session...

>>>>> "Perry" == Perry E Metzger <[email protected]> writes:

    Perry> You completely misunderstand. The MBONE is a very scarce
    Perry> resource at the moment. Setting up teleconferencing
    Perry> sessions that aren't, say, multicasting a conference (like,
    Perry> say, a Cypherpunks meeting) but are just being used to let
    Perry> people do what they do on mailing lists at 500,000 times
    Perry> the cost in network bandwidth isn't social.

I'm afraid I must pipe up from my normally quiet mode to agree
wholeheartedly with Perry. Those who have been on the MBONE for a
while understand how brittle the whole thing is. There have been some
useful compromises like "Radio Free Vat" which gives out time slots
for people who want to DJ without having all of them set up a
full-time session. Also, RFV has a policy to yielding to conferences
and the like when they are scheduled. 

Please be discreet. The core movers behind the MBONE are truly gifted
people, and I'd rather have them on our side.