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Re: Reply to Phantom about Magic Money

On Fri, 6 May 1994 [email protected] wrote:

> I have seen your posts about the "GhostMark" bank. How is this doing?
> How many coins have you issued, and how many transactions are you getting?
> Are you running the transactions by hand, or do you have it automated?

Great. I've just distributed an initial amount of cash; the money supply 
is around 70gm or so. Transactions (in the two days since conception) have 
been so-so. I've had two transactions personally -- one for consulting on 
html pages and one incentive for a key-signing. I'm about to begin 
offering services to further back my currency. 

I'm doing all of the transactions by hand, but if the traffic becomes 
heavy, I'll begin automating the process on one of our unix machines.

> >1) any hope for a macintosh version anytime soon? I've had a number of 
> >requests for it...
> Somebody here (mpd?) had compiled it for the mac. The user interface
> was still text-based, but they said it worked.

I'd like a pointer to this, as would a few of the people on the list (I 
can't name any names). I'll contact mpd.

> Problem there: the spent list doesn't record the value of the coin.


> information to a file as the coins are exchanged. Not too hard to do,
> but you can't get the data after-the-fact from the spent list.

many thanks for your software. 


PS: how about a different message besides "Bad RSA packet" when receiving 
a message not encrypted with the servers' key? Threw me off the first 
dozen times I saw it. :)

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