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Re: Announcement RE: Lobbying...

<<My hypothesis:  The TLAs could shut down the cypherpunks mailing list
(as it now exists) by dragging all the U.S. list members into court.
The TLAs would probably lose the case, but they would still do a lot
of damage to the lives of the U.S. list members.

If they want to waste their money on this, let'em.  I'd be perfectly happy
to wind up in court to defend the cypherpunks.  (No I'm not a lawyer, but
I certainly won't be a sucker witness.)  Compared to what the DA's, and
judges make, my paycheck is peanuts, and I could do with a vacation.

If they want to fine me, fine, they won't be able to take much away from
me as I haven't got much.  They'll have to get in line with Visa as I owe
my cards about $3K :-)

Bottom line: it'll never happen.  there's 700 cypherpunks on this list.  Good
luck getting all of the US members in court.  It could drag on for years.
By that time we should have enough pressure applied to Clipper's juggular
veins to make it go the way of the Edsel.