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MIT Announces PGP 2.5

		 Beta Test Release of PGP version 2.5
			     May 9, 1994

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology announces the distribution
of PGP version 2.5, incorporating the RSAREF 2.0 cryptographic toolkit
under license from RSA Data Security, Inc., dated March 16, 1994.  In
accordance with the terms and limitations of the RSAREF 2.0 license of
March 16, 1994, this version of PGP may be used for non-commercial
purposes only.

PGP 2.5 strictly conforms to the conditions of the RSAREF 2.0 license
of March 16, 1994.  As permitted under its RSAREF license, MIT's
distribution of PGP 2.5 includes an accompanying distribution of the
March 16, 1994 release of RSAREF 2.0.  Users of PGP 2.5 are directed
to consult the RSAREF 2.0 license included with the distribution to
understand their obligations under that license.

This distribution of PGP 2.5, available in source code form, is
available only to users within the United States of America.  Use of
PGP 2.5 (and the included RSAREF 2.0) may be subject to export
control.  Questions concerning possible export restrictions on PGP 2.5
(and RSAREF 2.0) should be directed to the U.S. State Department's
Office of Defense Trade Controls.

Users in the United States of America can obtain information via FTP

from net-dist.mit.edu in the directory /pub/PGP.

		   Beta Release Note -- May 7, 1994

Today's release of PGP 2.5 is a beta test release, designed to permit
users to familiarize themselves with the program and to give us
feedback before we make the final release.  

This version of PGP2.5 has been tested on the following platforms:

	MSDOS, Sun381i, Solaris 2.X, Ultrix 4.X, Linux, RS6000,

Over the next few days, we will be testing PGP2.5 on a variety of
other systems and collecting bug reports from this release.

Please send bug reports to [email protected]

If you obtain a copy of this beta release code, please keep checking
http://web.mit.edu for the announcement of the final release, so that
you can update your copy of PGP2.5.  We expect the final release to
occur within a week.

*** To Get PGP2.5: The directory where PGP2.5 is located is hidden.
To get it you need to telnet to "net-dist.mit.edu" and login as getpgp.
You will be asked to confirm that you will abide by the terms and
conditions of the 3/16/94 RSAREF 2.0 license. The license is in
the file "license.txt" in /pub/PGP on net-dist.mit.edu.