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Re: What's Happened to the Cypherpunks list?

: I came in this morning, expecting (as usual), a plethora of
: mail from the cypherpunks mailing list. Instead, zilch.
: Since this sounded fishy, I tried to find out if there was
: a fault with the mecahnisms at U. Q. Since this seemed to
: check out, I tried mailing to the Majordomo server with the
: magic line:
: : "who cypherpunks"

: in the body. I found out that "only" about 12 people were
: subscribers. Yet when I last tried it, there were 700 people
: listed. Is it a problem with me, or do other people have the
: same hassles? 

Oh dear, looks like our favourite net.kook has forged 700 unsubscribe
requests to majordomo on our behalf.  This is getting out of hand :-(