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Party Announcement

Dear Colleagues;

Announcing the 3rd annual....

    George Leroy Detweiler
   Memorial Weenie Roast & Whale Exhibition

   MONDAY MAY 30, 1 PM - 1 AM        * R.S.V.P. *

This is our annual pool inauguration. We will be cooking/providing
limited quantities of Vienna Beef(tm) hot dogs from Chicago, Home-
made cajun hotlinks, South Carolina hotlinks, and some kielbasas;
The sausages will be plumped in the *cheapest* available beer and
then grilled in the time-honored way. We will provide some limited
quantities of snack foods.  For the vegetarian diners, we will
have some limited quantities of tofu-burgers & garden-burgers.

We should have back-up blenders & ice to insure that the we are
able to prepare sufficient quantities of Moo-moo drinks, lest we
feel the wrath of the Moo-moo gods. We will also provide condiments,
picnic gear, some ice for beverages, limited quantities of soft drinks,
cheap beer, wine and *good* beer.The pool will be heated as close
to body temperature as possible,and the tub will be operational.
The tub seats 6-8 regular-sizedpeople and 4-6 extraordinary people.
We'll have limited internet access at poolside for those with a
requirement for it. We will provide limited  crash space if required.

WHERE the heck is it?
      At the home of Steve Blasingame ([email protected]) and
      Mihoko Doyama ([email protected]).
               2608 Totana Court
               San Ramon, CA 94583

       Take I-680 to Bollinger Canyon Road
       Take Bollinger Canyon Road West about 1/4 mile to Aranda Drive
       Right on Aranda Drive and 80 feet to Totana Court
       Left on Totana Court
       Ours is the light colored ranch with teal trim.
       If you are lost, the phone number is 510 830 9724.

So WHAT do I need to bring?

  1) Yourself (if you bring kids, parental discression is advised; this
      is essentially an adult gathering and when the Moo-moo gods
      are summoned, young minds may be contaminated)
  2) Swimming attire, towel (we have only a limited quantity of
      towels for guests)
  3) Some food item that you deem appropriate for the event; If you
       bring it, someone else will want to taste it. Chips,Salads,etc.
       You know the drill.

If you wish to join us, drop a note to [email protected] This way
we can insure that we provide enough goodies.

   Steve Blasingame
    [email protected]
    (510) 866-1864 Voice
    (510) 866-1861 FAX