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away from my mail (fwd)

I sent Phil a copy of my patches to get pgp-2.3a to build under Solaris 
2.2 with gcc-2.5.8, and this is what I got in return:

From: via the vacation program <[email protected]>
Subject: away from my mail

I will not be reading my mail for a while.  I am on travel until 
Wednesday, 11 May 94.  This canned message was generated automatically by the 
"vacation" program, but my business trip is not a vacation.

Your mail regarding "pgp-2.3A diffs to compile under Solaris 2.2 with gcc-2.5.8" will be read when I return.

Also, in case you are still using my old email address, please update your
records to use only my current email address, which is [email protected]

In case you haven't heard, MIT is releasing PGP version 2.5,
available from an FTP site at MIT, for US noncommercial users only.  
It is a nice version of PGP, with all the strength and integrity of 
PGP 2.3a, with some bug fixes and improvements.

-Philip Zimmermann