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Re: NYT op-ed May 8

On Tue, 10 May 1994, Paul E. Baclace wrote:

> I just tuned-in last night...Has anyone discussed the NYT op-ed by 
> David Gelernter (associate prof. at Yale)?  It was accompanied by a
> comic "the first wiretap" and Gelernter says common sense dictates
> that wiretaps be preserved and he wants the digital telephony bill
> passed.
> Paul E. Baclace
> [email protected]

I sent a message on same into the void on Sunday.  If anyone has it, I
would appreciate it if they would repost it (I was unsubscribed to the
list at the time.)  

This op-ed piece represents the strongest independent attack on our
position.  Someone should grab it from Nexis and post it.  It has to be