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Re: Why Digital Cash is Not Being Used

   Date: Tue, 3 May 1994 11:48:18 -0800
   From: [email protected] (Timothy C. May)

   - Digital Postage. This remains my favorite. There's a _need_ for
   untraceable payments (else why use a remailer?). I've written about this
   extensively, as have others.

   If remailers offered robust (see above point about crufty, flaky, hobby
   remailers) services that they operated as _businesses_, with reasonable
   attention to reliability, interconnectivity to other remailers, overall
   robustness, and carefully articulated policies about logging, privacy,
   etc., then MM or something similar could have a real value.

But there's a conflict here.  You'd like to be able to use the same
postage on multiple remailers.  But if the remailers know each other
well enough to agree on a common currency, then they know each other
well enough to remove the reason for using multiple remailers.