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State Dept Response to my second CJ request

Phil Karn writes:
 > 			Bureau of Politico-Military Affairs
I thought this was a joke at first!

 >                                            Each source code
 > listing has been partitioned into its own file and has the
 > capability of being easily compiled into an executable subroutine.

So the only thing protecting our national security is the hurdle of
typing ^X-W a few times?  Oh boy.

 > The subject disk contains source code listings for each of the
 > following cryptographic algorithms: Vigenere, Beauford...

Duhh.  Looks like you gotta get up pretty early in the morning to fool
these guys...

 > Also, the
 > subject disk contains source code listings for certain algorithms
 > that would not be exportable if they were incorporated int
 > a product.

But they of course *would* be exportable if they were printed in a
form ready to be scanned.  Brilliant.

 >                                                           This is
 > certainly an added value to any end-user that wishes to incorporate
 > encryption into a product.

...and so of *course* we can't help them out.  Better make them wait
until somebody scans or manually types in exported printed versions
the stuff and makes it available for ftp.  That'll teach 'em to toy
with Uncle Sam!

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