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Re: State Dept Response to my second CJ request

(as a quick asside, what are the current whereabouts of a public key
 server usable by someone in the US/PKP Empire?)

Pot-fund for a lawsuit huh? :-)

Seriously, what would the basis of a lawsuit be? I assume it would be
the "Phils" (if Phil Karn were interested in perusing this) vs. U.S.
with the general claim being that the U.S. govt. was unfairly
restricting commerce and trade.

Of course, their argument would be that it's a matter of national

To this the counter argument would run along the lines of:

	"Exactly WHAT encryption algorithms, here, are not known and
	 used, worldwide."

Is this close to the mark? What holes are there in this case (other
than the fact that THEY get to make the laws)?

I would be very willing to contribute to such an effort if I felt that
the goals were clear-cut and reasonably achievable


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