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Re: NSA & State Fears ITAR Lawsuits

Bill Sommerfeld says:
>    Someone who's had dealings with the NSA and State over these issues
>    saw some memos, but was not allowed to make copies of them, which
>    indicated that State's lawyer's were very concerned that an ITAR case
>    involving software *not* ever reach the courts, because they felt the
>    government's case was very weak and that a probable loss would be a
>    serious setback in other areas.
> Is there any chance that these memos would be subject to release under
> the FOIA?

Probably. They would probably make excellent ammo in an ITAR lawsuit
if they actually existed and State actually "found" them in fulfilling
the FOIA request. I would suggest that someone with experience in
directing FOIA requests get details from Tim and then try to extract
the memos in question.