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Lunch Tuesday at Atlanta COMDEX 5/24/94

Version 0.1--This will change in case of conflicts, etc.
             I'll post V1.0 on Wednesday 5/18/94.

(This is version 0.1 of this file.  For the most recent version, try the

  o finger [email protected], to read my .plan.  (This file.)
  o get "plan" by ftp in netcom.com:/pub/mlshew

 This was originally sent to the cypherpunks and extropians lists.)

If you would like to meet informally with other readers of these lists
during next week's COMDEX, I would suggest meeting Tuesday (5/24/94)
at noon, directly above the food court in CNN Center--------->+
Map: (Badly out of scale and oversimplified to make sense     |
      for walkers but not drivers)                            |
                   |        |                                 |
                   |        |                                 |
-------------------+        +---------------------------------|--------------
                 Marietta Street                              |
-------------------+        +---------------------------------|--------------
                   |        |                                 |
+----------------+ |        | +----------+            +-------V-----------+
| World Congress | |        | | The Omni |            |     CNN Center    |
| Center (COMDEX)| |        | +----------+            | (Food Court here) |
|              Walk this way like the rest of the mobs of people          |
+----------------+ |        |                         +-------------------+
                   | Inter- |       +--------------------+
                   |national|       |  MARTA Rail Station|
                   |  Blvd. |       | (The local subway) |
                   |        |       +--------------------+
                   |        |
                   |        |  Lots of very expensive parking here for those
                   |        |  who want to drive directly to COMDEX in the
                   |        |  middle of incredible traffic and raise their
   More Parking    |        |  blood pressure instead of taking a shuttle from
                   |        |  their hotel, or parking at a free-parking MARTA
                   |        |  lot and taking MARTA in, as is the sensible
                   |        |  way to go about it.

(For those who haven't been to an Atlanta COMDEX before, the CNN food court
is a place where almost every COMDEX attendee is likely to eat at least once
during the week.  If you happen to forget, loose, or never receive the ASCII
map originally above this paragraph, any random person you might ask for
directions can probably point you in the direction of the
"CNN Center food court.")

The court is in the center of the floor you will (likely) come in on.
So don't go getting confused when you see smaller sets of restaurants
and tables and chairs as you enter.  That's not the central court.

You won't miss it, just keep going in.

(Of course, you won't have much choice in the matter:  There will be a mob
of hungry Comdex attendies behind you, and stopping in their path is simply
not a viable option.)

Go to the food court, and look up.  You will see a single pedestrian walkway
one floor above you.  That is where we'll all be.  Take yourself and your food
up one floor, and enjoy the pleasant conversation.

(Note that up on the walkway there's no place to put your food, but that's
okay, because there's no place down in the food court either--it's _really_
crowded.  Down there there's hardly a place to stand, much less sit, but
go up one floor, and it's a virtual dessert.)

I'd like to make a publicly available list that includes the following.
(To be appended to this file.)

  o Persons coming to Spring Comdex, interested in
    attending a meeting such as this, and wishing
    to let that and related information be known
    to the world.
  o Whether they can make the noon Tuesday meeting.
  o Where they heard this announcement.
  o Good/bad days and times.  Be specific but brief.
    Please include this in any event, so if 3 people say
    only Wednesday, and 7 don't bother to mention that Wednesday
    is impossible for them, that I don't switch to Wednesday.
    No guarantees of course.
  o Personal interests.  (Explained below)
  o Misc. other information they want known to the world.

If you would like to enter or modify yourself in such a database, modify
and mail a form such as one at the end of this file to [email protected],
with this subject line or "comdex meeting info".

Feel free to also add in:

  o Any job openings you know about.  (Esp. EE/DSP/Programming)  :-)

If you would like to tell me and everyone to expect one more person,
just mail the form with a number "1" in the "Name" column, so you
needn't broadcast your name.  If you'd like to tell no one anything
and just show up, that's okay too.

I'll append the information (edited!) to the end of this file.

As to why I included a field about interests, it will allow everyone to
mull over everyone else's idea of what would be nice to talk about, the
theory being that it might help conversation naturally bend towards topics
all are interested in.

As to the other information, it's also to help other people who might want
to get together to do so if they don't want to go to this meeting.  (Or to
remember remember to bring that book they borrowed from another person
three years ago.)  It is not a "vote" on what time the get-together will be.

Appended are two sample forms (since this is the first version: V0.1).
Delete everything else, put in your own info, and mail it back to me.

See you soon!

Mark Shewmaker
[email protected]

OK?  Name             Where heard    Can Schedule at         Interests
Y Mark Shewmaker      extropians     Flexible all days   Schelling points of
  [email protected]   cypherpunks                        lunch meetings near

  Thinks this is a great place to meet, and a nice place to watch everyone come
  and go.

  Need an employee?  Apply now before prices go up.
N One fake anonymous  never tell     MWF 10-2            Mental Cryptography
  person just as an

  I just kind of feel silly telling everyone that I'm going to be there; I
  look forward to meeting you there, though.