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Re: Cypherpunks Goals: Bad debate drives out good debate

> How about auto-moderation?  I came up with this idea a while back for
> automatically moderating mailing lists.  Here's how it works:
> ...
> If a person becomes a nuisance, people send their votes in to the 
> moderator-robot, and it tallies the votes. If within XXX days more thumbs 
> down votes are received than thumbs up votes, the person is placed on the 
> disapproved list.

> The main advantage is, it's fast and easy to set up.  Comments?

This would be easy to set up, but instead of discarding message from
"disapproved" people I would suggest just tagging which messages are
sent by "approved" people and which are not.  That way all of the
information still gets out there, even if it's unpopular.