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Penet spoofing

Forwarded message:
> From anon.penet.fi!daemon Fri May 13 18:40:07 1994
> Date:	Fri, 13 May 1994 18:33:08 -0400
> From:	[email protected] (System Daemon)
> Message-Id: <[email protected]>
> To:	[email protected]
> Subject: Anonymous code name allocated.
> You have sent a message using the anonymous contact service.
> You have been allocated the code name anXXXXX.
> You can be reached anonymously using the address
> [email protected]
> If you want to use a nickname, please send a message to
> [email protected], with a Subject: field containing your nickname.
> For instructions, send a message to [email protected]

I didn't send mail to penet.  I'm assuming someone on the list
must have forged the post.  I'm not amused.  Anyone else get
this, or did someone think I'm special?