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Re: Message Havens, Pools, and Usenet

	* Posting to a newsgroups allows piggy-backing on two things:

	1. The world-wide distribution (in most cases) of newsgroups. The
	newsgroups are distributed to zillions of local sites, making
	attempted analysis of who is checking for messages all the more

I think this is the way to go, and I don't think we need special
groups for it either.  Tim, just as an experiment, post a message
to any group you like (except netcom ones!) with 'gtoal' in it
somewhere (innocuously, like in a .sig), and I'll show you how easy
it is to find stuff that's addressed to you.

Of course, anyone else can find it too - you can't hide that the
message was posted, but you certainly can't track who read it.