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Rabin decryption

How do you do Rabin decryption?

In the Rabin PK system, your modulus is a Blum integer, a number n of
the form p*q, where p and q are primes equal to 3, mod 4.  According to
Schneier, p. 289, encryption is done by C = M^2 mod n.  On the next page,
he gives four possible square roots of C:

M1 = C^((p+1)/4) mod n
M2 = p - C^((p+1)/4) mod n
M3 = C^((q+1)/4) mod n
M4 = q - C^((q+1)/4) mod n

These formulas don't work.  Also, note the "p -" and "q -".  This is
suspicious.  If M^2 is C, then (n-M)^2 is also C.  I suspect M2 and M4
should have "n -" instead.

Try p=7, q=11, n=77.  (p+1)/4 is 2, (q+1)/4 is 3.  Try M=50, so C=36.
M1 = 64; M2 = 20; M3 = 71; M4 = 17.  None of these are the original
M, and none of them is a square root of 36.

Anybody know the right way to do square roots mod a Blum integer?