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Re: The Implications of Strong Cryptography

Mats Bergstrom says:
> The original anarchists (tm) strongly denounced not only capitalism
> but private ownership of everything but your most intimate belongings
> (and perhaps your house, this was discussed a lot).

Not true of all, only of some. See, for instance, the writings of
Lysander Spooner. (Spooner should be remembered as the anarchist who
nearly bankrupted the U.S. Postal Service by starting a competing
venture, The American Letter Mail Company -- the private express acts
were specifically designed to drive him out of business. I can assure
you that Spooner was quite capitalistic.)

The louder bomb-throwing 19th century anarchists have, unfortunately,
eclipsed memory of the individualist anarchists who followed very much
in the tradition of the enlightenment social-contract political
theorists and who believed in private property.

In any case, this is getting afield of cryptography.