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[ANON] Stalemate in ca-firearms

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 -=> Quoting [email protected] to John Nieder <=-

 Ch> I stand behind what I said about not allowing anon postings
 Ch> & don't have time to argue about it.  I hope you'll vent some
 Ch> of the anger you apparently directe at me at your legislators
 Ch> instead.  It would be a lot more productive....

I don't think so, honestly.  My legislators (Feinstein, Burton, Pelosi
and Boxer) are just like you:  They have their agenda, they won't
address the issue, they don't care what I think and they don't want
to hear about it.  Did I leave anything out?

It's discouraging to someone who used to think the truth mattered.

I won't bug you any more on this, but think about it, Jeff.  Really.

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