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Re: Fixing pgp 2.6

> For the same reason, hopes of getting a non-RSA-approved "2.6a" (hacked
> to be backwards compatible with 2.3) widely available in the U.S. are
> not well founded.  FTP sites which hold programs or even patch files to
> allow 2.6 to interoperate with 2.3 will be targetted by RSA as
> contributory infringers.  In short, the legal advantages PGP 2.6 will
> have over unapproved versions will be strong enough that it will be
> widely used in the U.S.

I hadn't considered this.  My question is answered.

> However, this does not mean the loss of international encrypted
> communications.  The solution is simple.  PGP 2.3a will be patched to
> be compatible with PGP 2.6.  I don't know what we'll call it,
> "PGP2.3e", perhaps, where "e" is for Europe.  2.3e will have the speed
> advantages of 2.3a, no copyright problems with RSAREF use, be perfectly
> legal outside the U.S., and will interoperate with 2.6.  Converting
> from 2.3a to 2.3e will be no more difficult than converting from 2.2 to
> 2.3 was.

Frankly, I am really not interested in using PGP2.6 IN the U.S.
I am reluctant to support the active restriction of capability in a 
software product by dignifying its underhanded tactics in using it.

More serious efforts at a stealth PGP which makes identification of the 
creator of cyphertext near impossible is badly needed.

I wonder if a Mac version will be available by September.

I wonder if a Mac version of StealthPGP will ever be available.

I wish I had the time/know-how to create one myself.

> Hal

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