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Re: PGP 2.5 Beta Release Over, PGP 2.6 to be released next week

Hi Everyone.

I've been lurking on this very interesting list, but I figured this needed
to be commented on. ;-)

On Mon, 16 May 1994, Jeffrey I. Schiller wrote:

> public-key technology, PGP 2.6 will be designed so  that the messages it
> creates after September 1,  1994 will be  unreadable by earlier versions
> of PGP that infringe patents licensed exclusively to Public Key Partners

This kind of fascism has, IMO, doomed PGP 2.6 before it's even met full
release status.  Not only do I disagree with the principles behind this,
but it shuts out the rest of the world from reading messages originating
in Canada and the U.S., which more than anything else will kill PGP 2.6. 
After all, the world most certainly does not revolve around North America.

I'd say that it's high time for another European release of PGP.