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Re: Dr Dobbs "CD ROM"

I hadn't heard about the CD ROM; thanks for the note.

It would seem that this may be another appropriate pair of subjects
for official State Department Commodity Jurisdiction requests. I could
certainly file them myself as I did for Applied Cryptography, but why
don't you do it? Anyone can file these requests, you don't have to be
a US citizen or resident of the US to do so. And all the information
you need is available by anonymous FTP from ftp.cygnus.com in
/pub/export/cjr.kit.  My own filings, along with some others, are also
available there as a reference; feel free to plagairize.

It would certainly help to show State that not only is Applied
Cryptography just one of many similar items, but that I'm not the only
person who is concerned enough about the idiocy of the US export rules
to actually do something instead of just flaming on the net.

If you do this, please post copies of all correspondence here.