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Re: Makeing MagicMoney worth something.

>   One problem with MM (or other digital coin like protocols) is
> makeing the coins worth something.  What could I buy with a Tacky
> Token today?  Does anyone know how much Diet Coke and aluminum a Digi
> Franc is worth (*Nudge* *Nudge*).  GhostMarks?

	Well, once Community ConneXion: The NEXUS-Berkeley is running,
accounts and services will be available for half-price if the other
half is paid in NexusBucks (not yet available). (Eventually I'd like
to move to a full-payment in NexusBucks, but I want to verify that I
can meet my bottom line .. PacBell and The Little Garden don't take
payment in NexusBucks.)
	(TLG willing, this will be running soon)

	Does anyone have any pointers to where I could find out about
LETS? Thanks.