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Re: PGP 2.5 Warning

On Mon, 16 May 1994, John E. Kreznar wrote:

> I wrote:
> > This should be obvious, but probably bears repetition anyway:
> > FREEMAN BEWARE: By switching to PGP 2.5 you would commence to affirm
> > with each message you send that you are a subject of the U.S. State.
> I have been asked in email what would happen if a person outside the
> U.S. were to use it.
> If a person were initially not a subject (``outside'') of the U.S., he
> would destroy that status in the process of acquiring PGP 2.5.  This
> follows from the MIT announcement:

So, you are saying that I will be automatically subject to US law if I 
use this product?  Hmmm, wonder what that does in terms of citizenship 
issues - as far as _I_ am concerned, the only law that has jurisdiction 
for me is NZ law, and US law can go get hanged, no?

On a different note, where are the PKP patents registered, and how?  Are 
they under the Int. Patent Coop. Treaty?  If so, they might have some 
validity here...
	- Smrf.
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