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RE: Cryptosystems Journal

> Does anyone know where one can read back issues
> of CryptoSystems Journal? I was looking for
> Volume 2 Number 2. I tried at several Univeristies
> but they said only the Library of congress had it.

Tony Patti is the publisher of Cryptosystems Journal.
He is _not_ on the net, his old portal account has been closed.
He is working hard on Volume 3.

You can reach Tony via snail mail to:

Tony Patti
Editor, Cryptosystems Journal
PO BOX 188
Newtown PA 18940-0188

Tony has been publishing the Journal for a while, complete with floppies.
I know he has non-US subscribers. I wonder how he exports it.

I have a copy of Volume 2 Number 1, and Volume 2 Number 2. But you'd
have to be in the DC area to see it. If we get a DC-area meeting working in
May, I can bring it for folks to look at.


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