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Re: Old list traffic

: [email protected] (Dave Hodgins):
: >    Is there any way to obtain a copy of all of the messages since last
: > Friday?
: > 
: >   Please email me with any responses.
: This has come up before, so I thought you would all like to know that I've kept
: a more or less complete archive of list traffic since last December.
: Unfortunately you can't ftp it _from_ me, though I can ftp parts _to_ anyone.

I also have a "more or less" complete archive of all traffic I've
received since the middle of January '94, that is available via 
WWW/WAIS.  If anyone is looking for a home for older articles,
I'd gladly add them to my indexed archive.  

	via WAIS (ie.): 
	$ waissearch -h pmip.maricopa.edu -d /cpindex/Cypherpunks <searchterm>

	or WWW:

	which accesses:
	cypherpunks -- May 19 01:00 -- 16,684,219


BTW, I receive the list via an "alternate" channel, so if you notice
any anomolies, other than short headers after around March 1994, I'd
appreciate hearing about it (I pipe my incoming list traffic through
a couple filters, but WAIS seems ok with it (now)).